Nick Connor

Chief Investment Officer

I have been a professional investor and entrepreneur since graduation in 1994 with degrees in Economics, Finance and Law

I spent many years as a professional investor in London at Fleming Investment Management, specializing in the UK stock market and the tech sector in particular.  

I spent over 15 years building tech companies in different sectors and returned to Venture Capital space at the start of 2018.

I first learned about Bitcoin in 2013 and started actively investing in Crypto markets in 2015.  I now have invested through 2 bull markets and 2 bear markets.  

You can find out more about my professional background on my LinkedIn page:


AI Experience

I first encountered Machine Learning while working at my father’s scientific institute which was focused on learning the patterns of financial markets.  I was then fortunate enough to benefit from this same institute when applying machine learning and multi agent complex systems to build Legion, a platform for predicting how people use urban spaces.  We took that company to over 60 cities around the world over a period of 15 years.   AI is a technology I embraced as soon as the first LLMs started to become available and I’m excited to be a pioneer alongside many other entrepreneurs who are bringing a new vision and set of possibilities to the world.

Web3 Experience

I first discovered Bitcoin at a tech conference in 2013.  It took me until 2015 to purchase my first bitcoin and I started actively investing and trading in multiple protocols and tokens by 2019.  Having lived through 2 bull markets and now 2 bear markets, I bring significant experience and understanding to making investment decisions in this space.  In the 2018 bear market, I was not prepared and gave back a significant proportion of the gains I had made.  This time around, I saw it coming and have been making excellent returns through both the ups and downs.  Crypto cycles are actually highly predictable.


AI and Blockchain technologies are this generation’s most transformational technologies that will  change the lives of billions of people for good or bad.  I want to help others be a part of it and try and make this a force or change for the better.



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