AI Thesis

An AI Revolution

In the annals of technological evolution, few innovations have promised as profound an impact as Artificial Intelligence (AI). As we stand on the precipice of this revolution, the investment opportunities are vast, yet they come with their own set of challenges.

Transformation Across Industries

  • Healthcare: Beyond diagnostics, AI is revolutionizing patient care with personalized treatment plans based on genetic makeup and lifestyle data. Telemedicine, powered by AI, is bridging the gap between remote areas and quality healthcare.
  • Finance: AI is not just about algorithmic trading. It's about risk assessment, credit scoring, and even automating insurance claims. AI-driven chatbots are now the first point of contact for many banking customers, offering 24/7 support and financial advice.
  • Retail: AI is personalizing the shopping experience. Predictive analytics suggest products to consumers even before they realize they need them. Smart inventory systems predict stock requirements, reducing wastage and overhead costs.
  • Transportation: Beyond self-driving cars, AI is optimizing public transport routes, predicting maintenance needs for trains and planes, and even aiding in the design of more aerodynamic vehicles.
  • Manufacturing: Smart factories, powered by AI, are optimizing production lines, predicting equipment failures, and ensuring quality control, leading to reduced costs and increased production efficiency.
  • Education: AI-driven platforms are personalizing learning, adjusting in real-time to a student's needs. Virtual AI tutors provide instant feedback, and predictive analytics help institutions identify students who might need additional support.

The role of human copywriters, overshadowed by AI's efficiency, is just one example of the shifts we're witnessing. Yet, as some roles diminish, new ones like prompt engineering emerge, showcasing AI's dual capability to replace and innovate.

New Frontiers of Opportunity:

Agriculture: Beyond drones, AI-powered sensors in the soil provide real-time data on moisture and nutrient levels, leading to precision farming.

Entertainment: AI is not just recommending but creating. We're seeing the emergence of AI-generated scripts, music compositions, and even video game design.

Energy: AI is optimizing the storage of renewable energy, predicting energy demands, and even aiding in the design of more efficient wind turbine blades.

Real Estate: AI is analyzing vast amounts of data to predict property price movements, helping investors make informed decisions.

For investors, both seasoned and new, these transformations represent a goldmine of opportunities. The depth and breadth of AI's impact are unparalleled in modern history.


The Double-Edged Sword: The digital integration of AI presents risks. Malicious actors, with the power of AI, could wreak havoc. Given human nature and our history with technology, the risk of AI being weaponized is significant. Investors must be discerning, supporting AI ventures that prioritize ethical considerations and robust security measures.

AI is the change agent of our era. For investors, the challenge lies in recognizing its transformative potential, being aware of its pitfalls, and making informed, ethical investment choices.

Web3 Thesis

The world of “trusted” intermediaries will be transformed, and all industries that rely on a trusted intermediary to function will be disrupted by Web 3 technologies.

Transforming Finance

We believe that Blockchain tech will transform money, finance, data systems as we know it.  Fiat money isn’t going away anytime soon, but fast forward another 10-15 years and most people will be using digital money.

Bankers warn that crypto is a bubble while. behind the scenes, they scramble to invest in it.   Technologists say it is disruptive while they invest billions in their visions of this future. Students of history will say it's the Dawn of the Digital Age.

Industries Ripe For Disruption

Examples of industries ripe for disruption include:

Banks, insurance, credit and borrowing, finance, mortgage, social media, ecommerce, cloud data storage, credit agencies, government records agencies, stock markets, real estate, energy management, brokers, healthcare exchanges, health insurance, claims management to name a few.  

As history demonstrates, intermediaries that are not strictly regulated end up proving to be untrustworthy and abuse their position of power over customer funds or data. 

And of course the greatest benefit of blockchain technology is the potential for individuals regain full control of our assets, property, identity, personal information and image rights.



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